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Welcome to the Landlord Portal!

PHA landlords can view all the information they need to manage their HCV properties through the Landlord Data Center. You can access:

• Detailed HAP records by resident

• Status and schedule of inspections and re-inspections

• The schedule of upcoming client recertifications

Information is updated at the end of each workday and is available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Housing Choice Voucher Program
2850 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19133

Owner Services:
Phone: 215-684-5596
Email: hcvlandlords@pha.phila.gov

Phone: 215-684-3860
Email: hcvinspections@pha.phila.gov

All information contained at this data center is provided for the exclusive use of participants and invited guests of the Philadelphia Housing Authority(PHA) and is to be used in the aid of conducting its' business. PHA reserves the right to deny or cancel accounts, monitor, log, or record any activity on these resources. Misuse of the information contained on the Partner Portal will result in disciplinary or other actions including termination of access and/or prosecution under Federal, State, or Local law.